Cyclobility and Down2Earth join forces for a sustainable future in bicycle leasing

17 May 2024


Cyclobility, a leading Belgian provider of bicycle leasing for businesses, is strengthening its position in the market through a strategic partnership with Down2Earth Capital II (D2E). This partnership, which marks a new phase for Cyclobility, underlines the importance of sustainable mobility and quality service. The management team will remain on board and reinvest significantly in the company.


Founded in 2016 by Andries Aumann, Cyclobility strives to encourage the use of bicycles in daily commuting and to unburden employers in offering bicycle leasing options. With a rapidly growing customer base and an extensive range of high-quality brands, Cyclobility has established a solid position in the Belgian bicycle leasing market. The company currently operates six of its own physical stores, located in Ghent, Roeselare, Aalst, Sint-Niklaas, Kluisbergen and Lier, which are also open to private customers. These
physical stores together with the mobile service centers guarantee fast and high-quality maintenance for all customers, both in the stores and on site at the customer’s premises. In addition to its own network of physical stores, Cyclobility has an extensive network of external bicycle stores. CEO Andries Aumann, assisted by Kumulus’ merger and acquisition expert team, emphasizes the importance of quality service as the cornerstone of the company. “Our scalable IT infrastructure combined with our in-house maintenance team allows us to unburden and satisfy employers, typically the HR department within a company, and their employees. We strongly believe in the growth of bike leasing as part of employee benefits and are committed to getting more people on bikes.


We are therefore very pleased and excited to bring a strong partner on board with D2E to achieve this objective. We would also like to thank our exiting financial partners Regenero Impact Fund (Degroof Petercam fund that invests in European companies promoting the transition to a regenerative economy), Trividend and Change-Credal for their support over the past years” he adds. The entry of Down2Earth Capital II represents a new phase in Cyclobility’s growth. Alain Keppens of D2E highlights the potential of Cyclobility’s unique business model and the entrepreneurship of the management team. “Cyclobility’s unique business model leads to superior service levels and customer satisfaction. We are therefore very impressed with Cyclobility’s vision and entrepreneurship and look forward to a fruitful collaboration to achieve their growth objectives together.”