D2E invests in RentalTec

6 June 2022

RentalTec is a company that specializes in the rental of test and measurement equipment, both short and long term. RentalTec focuses mainly on the telecom sector, but also serves customers in sectors such as electrical installations, defense, aerospace and semiconductors. To support its growth, both in terms of internationalisation as further expansion of its product offering, Down2Earth Capital II (D2E) acquires a stake in the company. The key management team remains on board and co-invests with D2E to realize the ambitious plans.


RentalTec was founded in 2018 by David Saeys and Oliver Lanz who both have years of experience in the world of test and measurement equipment. At the start they were supported with financing as well as expertise by their non-operational board members Luc Christiaens, Mathieu Husson and Melvin Porter. Since inception a few years ago, the company established a leading position in the European market. With its headquarters in Mechelen and a sales office in Germany it serves the Benelux, French, German and many other markets. The past years the company has seen an impressive growth of more than 50% each year and counts more than 25 seasoned professionals in its ranks. In the meantime it has acquired a fleet of more than 6000 devices.


The coming years RentalTec wants to futher accellerate its geographic expansion, and at the same time also expand its product offering. It benefits from the large scale investments in next-gen telecommunication networks, such as fiber-to-the-home and 5G, which are taking place at an increase speed all across Europe, but also from the electrification of vehicles and the required infrastructure that comes along with it. Contractors that install and maintain such networks, RentalTec’s customers, increasingly choose to rent their test and measurement equipment as it offerst them more flexibility, but also less burden when it comes to e.g. maintenance, callibration and replacement.


“We’ve differentiated ourselves for years from other players in the market by offering top-notch customer service and reliability of our devices.”, says David Saeys, RentalTec’s CEO. “We have many plans for the future and with Down2Earth we have found a partner with whom we can accelerate these plans.”, he adds.


“From our first introduction we’ve been impressed by the experience and professional way of working of David and the team that he has built over the past years.”, says Joost Verdiesen, from Down2Earth. “With the ever increasing digitalisation and electrification we are convinced that RentalTec will have the opportunity to continue its strong growth in the coming years and we are very happy that we can support this.” according to Joost.



About RentalTec:

Rentaltec, founded in 2018, is a company that focuses on the rental of electronic equipment to test and measure electronics. It operates in Europe and today has a specialization in the telecom sector, but it also offers equipment for the semiconductor, aerospace and defence sectors. For more information: http://www.rentaltec.com/.


About Down2Earth:
Down2Earth Capital is an independent private equity fund, founded in 2013, with a focus on small and medium sized transactions in Belgium. D2E Capital combines mamy years of successful experience in private equity with hands-on industrial experience. For more information: https://www.d2e.be.