Sisu Group expands digital services through merger of Ariad with NedWorks

14 June 2023


 Digital human capital organisations Ariad and NedWorks are joining forces as from today under the name Ariad. As a result of the merger, Ariad is becoming one of the unchallenged market leaders in the Benelux for bringing together digital marketers with leading companies and brands in Europe. The merger is in line with the buy-and-build strategy of the overarching Sisu Group.


Expansion of the digital service package


Founded in 2013, Ariad has over the ten-year period built up wide-ranging expertise in talent solutions for digital product design, conversion optimisation and e-commerce. By merging with the digital recruitment firm NedWorks, Ariad is expanding its grasp of the digital and marketing world and offering a wider range of digital services with customised client-centred solutions. The company is also strengthening its position as an excellent employer and partner, and is growing its community of consultants and other digital top talent in the Benelux.


Jeroen Geleyn, the new managing director: ‘For Ariad, this merger is a new successful highlight and a nice way to mark our tenth anniversary. We have been trendsetters since our establishment. With this merger, we are also anticipating the needs of the labour market of the future. The European market for temporary workers has grown substantially in the past few years, and we expect it to continue in the coming years. Moreover, companies continue to find it difficult to find suitable candidates for specialised positions. Thanks to our expertise in digital talent solutions, we expect to grow significantly in the coming years.’
Jeroen Geleyn, managing director Ariad

Jeroen Geleyn, managing director Ariad


First official acquisition of Sisu Group


The new merger is in line with the buy-and-build strategy pursued by Sisu Group, the holding company that stands above the former NedWorks and the present-day Ariad. Sisu Group is an ecosystem of four human capital ventures that mutually strengthen each other. Stéphane Collignon, CEO of Sisu Group: ‘The acquisition of Ariad is the latest milestone in our growth story, after earlier successful acquisitions and the introduction of our investor Down2Earth. Ariad becomes part of the ecosystem alongside industry experts Strand Associates Consulting, Catalay and Prosource.’


Stéphane Collignon, CEO Sisu Group
Stéphane Collignon, CEO Sisu Group

New leadership team


The new Ariad is led by a team of four. Jeroen Geleyn, managing partner of Ariad, is the new managing director. Nele Vanhecke, who headed up NedWorks as its managing director, is taking up the role of sales director. Javier Cuadra is the new Talent & Recruitment Director.

Jeroen Van Ermen, founder and former CEO of Ariad, is beginning a new entrepreneurial adventure. The company continues to work internationally out of Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium.


Doubling the team


At the moment, Ariad has almost 200 digital marketing professionals working at leading brands and companies throughout the Benelux. These include Samsung, Carrefour, BNP Paribas Fortis and Telenet, which have been using its services for ten years. The merged company now aims to double its team in the next four years. With the merger, Ariad seeks to break into new sectors, chiefly in retail and fast-moving consumer goods, the financial world and public utilities.

Jeroen Geleyn, managing director: ‘Ariad has built up a strong reputation in service provision with large, leading companies. We have a great deal of experience not only in digital marketing and human resources, but also specifically in companies of this calibre. We do more than fill positions for them: we help companies and consultants reach new heights and foster growth by means of personnel solutions, with a focus on digital customer experiences. As a result, teams, organisations and consultants excel and achieve outstanding results.’
Stéphane Collignon and Jeroen Geleyn
Stéphane Collignon and Jeroen Geleyn

Ariad offers its digital consultants and freelancers personal career guidance and a community, helping them to advance their careers faster and to operate at international level. Its specialists work at high-level clients and projects. ‘This is fully in line with the Sisu Group’s vision, which is committed to working independently and taking charge of your own career’, Stéphane Collignon, CEO of Sisu Group adds.


Facts & figures


  • 2013: launch of Conversion Talent, focused on recruitment & selection
  • end of 2014: start of providing temporary staff for contractors
  • 2015: opening of office in Spain
  • January 2019: rebranding as Ariad
  • 2019: start of consultancy services
  • end 2022: milestone of 100 consultants
  • June 2023: merger with NedWorks, acquisition by Sisu Group
  • Turnover: +17M

Sisu Group

  • 2009: Strand Associates Consulting is founded by Stéphane Collignon
  • 2018: acquisition of NedWorks by Strand Associates Consulting, and continues, together with Strand Associates Consulting, as Sacsu holding company
  • 2019: acquisition of Catalay, Evertys & Prosource
  • 2020: acquisition of Projectpolis and integration with Prosource
  • 2021: Sisu Group is rebranded as a holding company and is the new home of its brands
  • 2022: accession of Down2Earth to support the growth aims and further acceleration of Sisu Group
  • 2023: acquisition of Ariad by Sisu Group
  • Turnover: 60M