VK architects+engineers

VK architects+engineers is a multidisciplinary design agency with “out of the box” and long-term thinking in its
genes. For the past 70 years, they used their ingenuity and multidisciplinary teams to design sustainable
solutions. Proof points are the many projects in healthcare, industry, infrastructure and buildings. The office has
grown to 540 employees, spread over Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and the United Kingdom.


Since 2020, VK architects+engineers has once again taken the leading role in the sector with the introduction of
its full lifecycle approach: even more future-oriented thinking, by focusing on strategic partnerships with
customers and stakeholders throughout the entire life cycle of its realizations, including the ‘after construction


In 2022 VK architects+engineers received the Best Managed Company label for the second time.

Head office


Entry date

December 2017

Exit date

March 2023