D2E neemt belang in Bluecrux

28 juni 2019

Press release


Bluecrux is a consulting and software solutions firm that helps companies transform and digitalize their value chains, both through consulting services as with their proprietary digital solutions. Bluecrux has a large number of international blue-chip companies in its client base, mainly in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as in the process and manufacturing industries. To support its further growth and the development of its software solutions, Down2Earth Capital II (D2E) acquires a stake in bluecrux. The key management team re-invests alongside D2E to drive the realization of the ambitious plans.


Bluecrux was created in 2015 after the merger of Bluegrass Consulting, founded in 2011 by Mikael Pensaert, Geert Vanhove and Geert Wullaert, and The Crux Consulting, founded in 2011 as well by Koen Jaspers. Both firms were active in different niches of Supply Chain and Operations consulting and saw the opportunity of a merger to accelerate growth, offer a wider range of expertise to their customers and differentiate themselves from competitors. One of the ways bluecrux differentiates itself from its peers is by developing its own software solutions.


“We have differentiated ourselves for years from other players in the market by fully focusing on the digital transformation of our clients and the integration of their physical and digital world. We also call this their ‘phygital’ world”, explains Koen Jaspers, partner at bluecrux. Digital technologies have the potential to completely transform the value chains of companies, but employees have to be able to absorb this. “At bluecrux, we focus on both aspects”, adds Koen Jaspers. And it pays off. Bluecrux has grown significantly year after year. In Belgium the company counts 80 collaborators today and aims to grow to 120 by 2021. In 2018 it realised a turnover of approximately 13M€.


Binocs, bluecrux’ first digital platform which was launched in 2015, offers a solution for complex resource planning in laboratories and R&D departments. It is currently in use or being evaluated by more than 20 of the top 50 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, including UCB, Merck, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. These multinationals often request this solution to be implemented internationally and therefore bluecrux decided to open an office in New Jersey, United States. “Many pharmaceutical companies have important divisions or operations at the east coast of the US. Our new office will play a key role to realize such international implementation programs”, says Geert Vanhove, partner at bluecrux who will launch the US office. “The first two strategic projects have already started and we hope to launch another four later this year”, adds Geert Vanhove. Beyond geographical expansion, bluecrux is looking at other sectors and industries where Binocs can be used to solve workforce planning challenges, for example within telecom.


With its US office bluecrux focuses initially on the implementation of its cloud-based solutions, but it has bigger ambitions on the longer term. “Technology has an exceptionally strong potential to optimize value chains. Thanks to big data and artificial intelligence, organizations have the ability to build a ‘digital twin’ of their value chains to which, with the help of smart software, the most complex scenarios can be applied. One of the most promising technologies in this area is LightsOutPlanning. It helps companies to fundamentally work smarter and more efficient. Where companies used to rely on spreadsheets and slow planning systems, they can now optimize value chains based on real-time data and what-if scenarios using today’s technology.”, says Koen Jaspers. LightsOutPlanning is available since last year and is being used by e.g. Johnson & Johnson and Tereos.


About bluecrux:


Since 2011 bluecrux helps clients to make the right links between strategy, technology and employees. Bluecrux has several big international names in its client base, such as. Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Bridgestone, Toyota, Cargill, Bekaert and many others. Its advice focuses on several domains: planning, digital operations, distribution, customer management, workforce and change management. Bluecrux delivers innovative SaaS technologies, such as Binocs and LightsOutPlanning. It also has an extensive consulting division dedicated to business transformation.


For more information: www.bluecrux.com.


About Down2Earth:


Down 2 Earth Capital is an independent private equity fund, established in 2013, focusing on small and medium-sized transactions in Belgium. D2E Capital combines years of successful private equity experience with top-level industrial expertise.


For more information: www.d2e.be.


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